The FIRST soft, natural, tissue & wet wipes in refillable tubes made of recycled cardboard  that fit in a cupholder - to be safely on hand when and where you need them most!

Kiss-u Tissue Tubes 2014 PPI “Most Innovative Product of the Year Finalist”

Founded by Amy Davis in 2008 for the express purpose of developing environmentally friendly tissue dispensers that work where you need them. The Kiss-u Tissue Tube is the first dispenser designed to fit cupholders - for convenience and safety - and it’s refillable! Refill packets store handily in your glovebox.

The Kiss-u Wet Wipe Tubes are also designed to fit cupholders, are also refillable and hold 50 all natural wet wipes using safe, food grade preservatives. Safe for your hands, face and also safe on interior car surfaces.

Tissues, wet wipes and refills can be purchased at our online store, at and in several retail locations throughout the U.S.

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“Having tissues right at my fingertips in the car is such a life saver!

Why didn’t I think of this?” – Esther

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